R.L. Osborn, Architect was established in 2002 by Robert Osborn a California licensed Architect with 32
years of experience in Southern California.

We provide services for: Commercial and residential design including new construction, remodels,
additions, tenant improvements, building re-use, occupancy changes, accessibility compliance and code

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R.L. Osborn

1910 Pine Crest Drive, Corona, CA 92882  
Contact us for a complimentary in office consultation regarding your project. Based on that interview
we will provide you with a quote for services. Following your acceptance of that quote we will prepare
a written proposal / agreement for professional services for your review and approval.

Residential and commercial projects will differ in some aspects. However, they will usually have the
basic phases of service in common. These basic phases include: 1. Pre-Design 2. Design 3.Construction
Documents 4. Bidding/Negotiation 5. Construction Services.

Remodels, additions and tenant improvement projects will require existing facility / building plans or
record drawings.  These record drawings will be assembled durring the Pre-Design phase of services.
You may have access to these plans or they may have to be compiled through a combination of
research , field measurements and drafting.  The information compiled will be drafted into record
drawings using our CADD software. The record drawings will be used as a bases for design.

Surveying, civil engineering and landscape design services among others may also be required. We can
recommend professionals that we have worked with on past projects or we can work with
professionals that you select. We can also provide the structural design, mechanical design, electrical
design and energy calculations. More complex projects can require a vast array of professional
consultants we can recommend or work with your selected professionals.